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Re: [HTCondor-users] Defining `START` from external program

In order for a Job to run on a given execute node, the Jobs's Requirements must evaluate to true
AND the execute node's START expression must also evaluate to true. 

I think there is a bit of confusion in terminology going on here, using the HTCondor terminology,
The START expression for an execute node is independent of what the submit file says. 

What you are describing sounds like a job for a STARTD_CRON script.   This script would run on the execute node.  It can be configure to run on startup, periodically or continuously.  The scripts output
Would be a set of attributes that will be merged into the execute machine ad without regard to the STARTD_ATTRS configuration knob. 

I'm pretty sure that this script can set the START attribute if you like, but a more common way to do this would be to have this script set an attribute or attributes that START refers to, so your start expression might be.

START = NetworkOk && MountsAvailable

And the STARTD_CRON script would return something like

NetworkOk = true
MountsAvailable = true

An example of a STARTD_CRON script is on this page, under the heading
How to insert custom ClassAd attributes in a machine ad via a script


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I have a script which can determine whether a condor worker is correctly provisioned for accepting jobs (checks mount points, network availability,..).  I would like to periodically run this script and tie the resulting exit code the `START` parameter.  In the past I have successfully used a cronjob STARTD_ATTRS, however, this requires all submit files to appropriately put the parameter in their requirements list.

Is this possible?  Can anyone point me to documentation for this?

HtCondor 8.4.4 for Ubuntu 14.04 (8.4.4-355883-ubuntu14). 


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