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Re: [HTCondor-users] Condor Classad

On 3/23/2016 4:06 AM, åå wrote:

I'd like to submit job through python bindings, it works in the
following way:

schedd.submit(ad, 1)

and here is my submit ad:
UserLog = "a.log";
Err = "a.err";
Out = "a.o";
Arguments = "a.out";

but the scheduler can't identity it as a parallel job and initializes
the VANILLA shadow for it. Does anything I set wrong in the submit ad to
submit a parallel job?

Any help will be appreciated!


The CONDOR_UNIVERSE_PARALLEL is an integer constant (enum) that is defined to be 11; also, the name of the attribute is JobUniverse (not Universe). So you want
  JobUniverse = 11;
instead of what you have above for Universe.

Getting all the job classad attributes correct is difficult. I suggest you start by forgetting about submitting via Python bindings and just submit your job as usual via condor_submit. If your job runs happily via condor_submit, take a look at the job classad for your job via "condor_q -l" and use that as the basis for the job classad you give to the python submit method.

Hope this helps