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[HTCondor-users] Is there any "job#s running on cluster WN, etc" GUI like pbswebmon?

Dear HT Condor gurus,

I'm extremely new to htcondor, having managed pbs/torque/maui CREAM-CEs
for years. A very useful tool to monitor is pbswebmon, a bit old but works
great, eg a partial snapshot of pbs cluster :


The only thing my more experienced colleague knows of for htcondor is
job-overview, which gives no detail. Apparently with htcondor 8.6 release
this summer there may be a gui more like pbswebmon, is the rumor ?

The understanding is htcondor has been used for many years - it's quite
a surprise there's nothing better (yet) than job-overview? 
(Or maybe it's much much more complex than pbs.....)

Ah, found a bit on on jcondor:

Anyone use / recommend / disrecommend it? Haven't tried it yet!

Grateful for any pointers + advice!