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Re: [HTCondor-users] JobRouter unable to find job_queue.log when it's not in the spool directory

On 3/30/2016 3:30 PM, Vladimir Brik wrote:

After setting condor-ce's JOB_QUEUE_LOG to a location outside of SPOOL
(so that job_queue.log is not clobbered if the spool filesystem fills
up), JobRouter started to complain about being unable to open

I see a config knob to tell JobRouter where the spool directory is, but
not where the job_queue.log file is. Is it possible to make JobRouter
work with job_queue.log that is outside of the spool directory?

I am using condor 8.3.8.



Hi Vlad,

I am not a JobRouter expert, but I think you can make things work with v8.3.8 if you still called the file "job_queue.log", even if it now lives in a different subdirectory than SPOOL.

I think the trick is to use JOB_ROUTER_SCHEDD1_SPOOL knob (and optionally also the JOB_ROUTER_SCHEDD2_SPOOL knob, depending on if you are routing between two different schedds). These knobs are documented in the v8.3.8 manual at http://is.gd/VZs8fi

So I am guessing that  if you have something like
  SPOOL = /var/lib/condor/execute/spool
  JOB_QUEUE_LOG = /ssd/job_queue.log
You could then do

Hope the above helps