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[HTCondor-users] stdout not streamed back - stream_output = true

Hi all,

I use Condor 8.3.8 (EPEL repo) on a CentOS 7 server (VirtualBox). Everything works fine except that stdout is not streamed back. The output file remains empty until the job is completed. What could be the reason for that?
* My Condor job is set up to use the Vanilla universe
* stream_output is enabled
* I use the default Condor configuration (unaltered)
* My Condor "cluster" consists of a single node
* The node acts as collector/negotiator, scheduler and starter

My Condor job description file:
    universe = vanilla
    executable = sleep.py
    arguments = A 60
    transfer_executable = true
    stream_output = true
    should_transfer_files = yes
    output = A.out.txt
    error = A.err.txt
    log = A.log.txt

My executable (prints a string to stdout (approx.) every second):
    import sys, time
    name = sys.argv[1]
    delay = sys.argv[2]
    for i in range(1, int(delay) + 1):
        print(name + " " + str(i) + "/" + delay)

Best regards,