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Re: [HTCondor-users] best practices for data untar/unzip

This illustrates one of the problems of having started with UNIX in about 1985 - these newfangled contraptions like ionice don't spring to mind. Great idea, Thomas! On UNIX System III, we only had "nice" - and we liked it!

It also brings to mind the idea of switching off the kernel IO scheduler (set it to noop) if you have a write-caching RAID array controller. There's no sense having the Linux kernel waste CPU cycles sorting the disk writes when the RAID controller is going elevator sort everything anyway:


	-Michael Pelletier.

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Hi Dimitri,

just a shoot in the dark but maybe ionicing the tars could improve the situation?
Something like the best effort scheduler with a random priority so to avoid choking on all tars with the same low priority or maybe going for the idle scheduler (but no idea, how the grace period block would effect the overall performance)?