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Re: [HTCondor-users] JOB_TRANSFORM

On Mon, 21 Nov 2016, Cristina Bulfon wrote:


we are using hierarchical group quota and we would also like to have a default group quota.
When users donÿÿt specify AcctGroup in their submission file the Scheduler adds it, as far as we understand
this can be done using JOB_TRANSFORM but it doesnÿÿt work, following our  schedd configuration

Ciao Cristina,

According to the release notes:
this feature was just added in v8.5.7, the latest development release.
What version of Condor are you using ?

With previous versions you can define a catch-all value for the AccountingGroup attribute (I believe this is the attribute that gets eventually defined when an accounting group is picked in the submit file) by setting SUBMIT_ATTRS in your config file:

SUBMIT_ATTRS = AccountingGroup
AccountingGroup = resource.t2atlas_local.long

Hope this helps.
Francesco Prelz
INFN - Milan

JOB_TRANSFORM_DefaultGroup = [ \
		Requirements = AcctGroup =?= undefined ;\
              set_AcctGroup = ÿÿresource.t2atlas_local.longÿÿ ;\

the job are not using the group ÿÿresource.t2atlas_local.longÿÿ but the use the default priority.

Any help is appreciated.
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