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Re: [HTCondor-users] compatibility tools for SGE/UGE users

I wrote a Perl script that implements most of the Grid Engine qsub command line options, and parses the script-comment options as well, but it was written under Raytheon rules so I can't disclose it without a lot of involvement from our legal and IP departments. I wrote it myself because back then condor_qsub was really not up to snuff for the legacy components we needed to support, including the MATLAB Distributed Compute Engine workers. (My MATLAB HTCondor interface is one possibility I'm considering for an HTCondor Week 2017 presentation.)

But they should take my advice having dealt with this same situation years ago, they really should NOT waste their time on writing Grid Engine wrappers and instead work towards converting their job submissions to HTCondor submit descriptions - it's much better, more flexible, less arcane, and overall more awesome than any of the cryptic mish-mash of Grid Engine tooling. A stack of Monte Carlo runs that used to take 15 minutes to submit to Grid Engine now takes 15 seconds, and that's the least of the benefits.

And with HTCondor submit descriptions and the HTCondor "grid" universe, you can submit HTCondor jobs to actual Grid Engine clusters, along with many other scheduler types, so HTCondor is really the de-factor universal scheduler language.

	-Michael Pelletier.

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Subject: [HTCondor-users] compatibility tools for SGE/UGE users

Hi all,

since our users found out about condor_qsub, they are trying to emulate more and more commands of our legacy SGE/UGE cluster. I'm guessing they're not the first trying to do so...

Does anyone have, maintain or know of a mature toolset that translates condor commands to SGE/UGE style commands?