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[HTCondor-users] NAT inside NAT issue.

Hi everyone,
Âwe are trying to integrate some labs to the existing campus pool, but they're behind a 2nd nat, I mean:

ÂWe have a Campus LAN in network 192.168, and some of the buildings have one output point in net 192.168, but inside they're PCs are in another Net (i.e 172.17), the condor's central manager has public IP, so outside campus have 1 IP in net 180.101 and inside campus another in net 192.168, if we try:


The PCs in the other buildings' NATs can find it, because they search it for the Public IP and that one can't be accesed inside Campus.

We need to use the public IP due to we are trying to allow conectivity with execute nodes in other places, like ec2 or other campus.

Anyone have an idea how we can set up the execute nodes in the buildings' NATs to connect the CM using the campus IP?

Thanks for your help.

Edier Alberto Zapata HernÃndez
Ingeniero de Soporte en Infraestructura
CIER - Sur