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Re: [HTCondor-users] creating a unique id for a job

Hey Paul,


A nifty HTCondor feature is that you can easily add arbitrary job attributes via the submit description, by specifying a â+â in front of the key. So in your case youâd want to do something like this:


+DatabaseUniqueId = â1234567890â


As a result of this, youâd be able to run something like condor_history âconstraint âDatabaseUniqueId == â1234567890ââ and pull up the job in question based on its database key.


You might also consider adding this to the STARTD_JOB_ATTRS as discussed in another thread earlier this week, so that you could see that value in condor_status as well while the job is running.


Thereâs a lot of fun stuff you can do with this once you get the hang of it. Enjoy!


                -Michael Pelletier.