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[HTCondor-users] creating a unique id for a job

Hello, ÂI am new toÂcondor. We have a cluster of 8 computers up and running doing some simple jobs as a proof of concept.

We will have one server that will submit all jobs. Users will add jobs thru a custom web interface and the job details will be stored in a DB. There will an application that will grab jobs from a DB, sends them into the cluster, monitors the status and updates the database.

I understand that when a job is submitted there is a Cluster and ProccessID associated with the job. Is there a way to assign a unique ID to the job before I submit it so that I can match the job to my job table in my database.

Or, is there a way to know the Cluster and Process ID when the job is submitted. This would work for me too.

Just looking for anyway to match up the job in my DB with the job when its in the Condor environment.Â

Thank so much for any feedback. I am looking forward to learning more aboutÂHTÂCondorÂand hopefully being able to provide feedback to the community at some point.