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[HTCondor-users] NFS mounted home dirs

Dear HTCondor gurus,

In traditional LHC ComputingGrid, users mapped to VO-pool accounts had a 
local home dir made everywhere, an empty stub sort of thing.

But in our HTCondor cluster, local users can submit jobs as themselves, &
their home dirs are NFS-mounted to all the WN. Sometimes those NFS servers 
need a reboot. What happens to a running HTCondor job of a user?

Does it just "pause" while the WN logs "NFS server calgary.phy not 
responding, till trying.... ditto... NFS server calgary.phy ok"
then all is well?

or: is the job more negatively impacted = gets discombobulated & goes 
strange, or might die?

Much obliged for any enlightenment or pointers.