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Re: [HTCondor-users] creating a unique id for a job

Hi Paul,

just to add to the previous answers:
condor_submit will always report the ClusterId when submitting jobs. In addition, you can get the range of <ClusterId.ProcId>s with the -terse switch.
Finally, the -verbose switch will output the entire ClassAd.

Our job submission tool injects its own ID like Michael suggested *and* submits with -verbose. It's trivial to match ClusterId & ProcId for each job with this.
We've found that debugging is a lot more straightforward when using ClusterId/ProcId for querying condor.


> Am 07.10.2016 um 10:55 schrieb Paul Galla <galla.paul@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello,  I am new to condor.  We have a cluster of 8 computers up and running doing some simple jobs as a proof of concept.
> We will have one server that will submit all jobs.  Users will add jobs thru a custom web interface and the job details will be stored in a DB.  There will an application that will grab jobs from a DB, sends them into the cluster, monitors the status and updates the database.
> I understand that when a job is submitted there is a Cluster and ProccessID associated with the job.  Is there a way to assign a unique ID to the job before I submit it so that I can match the job to my job table in my database.
> Or, is there a way to know the Cluster and Process ID when the job is submitted.  This would work for me too.
> Just looking for anyway to match up the job in my DB with the job when its in the Condor environment. 
> Thank so much for any feedback.  I am looking forward to learning more about HT Condor and hopefully being able to provide feedback to the community at some point.
> Regards,
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