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[HTCondor-users] inserting result of MODIFY_REQUEST_EXPR_REQUESTCPUS into job ad


We use MODIFY_REQUEST_EXPR_REQUESTCPUS and MODIFY_REQUEST_EXPR_REQUESTMEMORY to give out chunks of 1 CPU and 4 GB of memory on our machines. For example, if a submit file lists

request_cpus = 2
request_memory = 14000

then the job will get 4 CPUs and 16 GB.

This is reflected in the machine ad:

$ jobid=1235.0; condor_status -const GlobalJobId==\"$(condor_q $jobid -af GlobalJobId)\" -af JobId Cpus Memory
1235.0 4 16384

but not in the job ad or in the job history.

I've tried using

job_machine_attrs = Cpus, Memory, TotalSlotCpus, TotalSlotMemory

These are the attributes in the machine ad which contain the values I want, but the Cpus and Memory attributes reflect the requested amounts, and TotalSlotCpus and TotalSlotMemory are the values for the single partitionable slot.

Is there any way to do this?