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Re: [HTCondor-users] Read full CMD in condor_q output


You can retrieve individual or collections of fields using the -af argument to condor_q.

For example:

condor_q -af Cmd

would give you just the cmd field.

condor_q -help will list all the options for -af.

Cheers, Iain

On Oct 16, 2016, at 21:38, Behnam Heydarshahi <behnam.heydarshahi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


In the output of 'condor_q', under CMD column, I only see the first 20 characters of the  "command" being processed.

My commands are 45 characters long, and they only differ in last 5 characters. Currently I am not able to distinguish my commands from one another.

Is there a way to view the full content of the CMD column? 

Thanks in advance,


Seyed Behnam Heydarshahi

PhD Student
Department of Computer Science
Tufts University
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