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[HTCondor-users] cpu with possible gpu

it's my understanding that if i declare


that i will be granted a slot in my pool that has both a cpu and a gpu available

is there anyway to say, always give me a cpu, but if a gpu is
available give me one of those also and if a gpu isn't still allocate
the cpu slot

also in a separate vein, is there a simple way to allocate jobs by
host instead of by slot.  meaning since we have dynamic slots,
machines have multiple slots.  if i run a submit with queue of 16, can
i allocate one slot on sixteen nodes instead of potentially 16 slots
on one node.  i think i can do this using a faux resource/license
manager, but i'm curious if there's another or better way

we're running dynamic slots on everything and have a mixed pool of
computers some with gpus and some without

i'd rather not turn off dynamic slots, i'm looking for more a
user-defined mechanism rather the reconfiguring our pool