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Re: [HTCondor-users] cpu with possible gpu

On 10/27/2016 8:51 AM, Michael Di Domenico wrote:
it's my understanding that if i declare


that i will be granted a slot in my pool that has both a cpu and a gpu available

Correct, assuming of course that your execute nodes have

  use feature: GPUs

in their condor_config (telling HTCondor that it should detect and manage any GPUs on that node).

is there anyway to say, always give me a cpu, but if a gpu is
available give me one of those also and if a gpu isn't still allocate
the cpu slot

Yes. The key is that request_cpus, request_gpus, etc, are all just ClassAd expressions.

So I believe you can do what you ask above as follows:

 executable = foo.exe
 request_cpus = 1
 # Give my job 1 GPU if available
 request_gpus = gpus > 0 ? 1 : 0
 # Prefer a machine with a GPU if one is available
 rank = gpus > 0

There is a HOWTO talking about this concept (although for CPUs, not GPUs, but the ideas are the same) at

also in a separate vein, is there a simple way to allocate jobs by
host instead of by slot.  meaning since we have dynamic slots,
machines have multiple slots.  if i run a submit with queue of 16, can
i allocate one slot on sixteen nodes instead of potentially 16 slots
on one node.  i think i can do this using a faux resource/license
manager, but i'm curious if there's another or better way

Is it a *requirement* that each job run on a different host, or is it just a preference?

If it is a requirement, the only thing that comes immediately to mind is to define a custom machine resource. I.e. in the condor_config on your execute nodes have something like


then in your job submit file can look like

    executable = foo.exe
    request_cpus = 1
    request_gpus = 1
    request_onlyone = 1

If it is just a preference, perhaps the wisdom listed here would help:


Hope the above helps,