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Re: [HTCondor-users] Condor runs immediately go to "Held" state

Hi Nate,

Can you send the .sub file you're sending to condor_submit? That would help us understand what's going on here.

Based on error in the log file you sent, it looks like your .sub file includes the following line:

transfer_input_files = /some/path/filename.inp

That doesn't look like a real path -- does that file actually exist on your system? If it doesn't, then HTCondor is designed to immediately put your job on hold (we assume your job won't work without the input files, and we don't want to tie up resources). So in your case it's behaving as expected.

If the file does in fact exist, you probably lack permissions to it. For a first step, try making it world-readable:

sudo chmod 777 /some/path/filename.inp

If that fixes it, then you know it's a permission problem, and can figure out more appropriate settings from there.


On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 10:46 AM, Mobley, Nate (Millennium) <nmobley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Iâve rebooted all 9 of my compute nodes and my head node, which usually clears up this issue. See below for how Iâm submitting test runs, and the error I receive when changing permissions on the data before the run. Iâm not extremely experienced with HTCondor yet, so any advice will be appreciated. Also, attached is an excerpt the log file from my test run this morning.


Command: cd /some/path/


Command: chmod -R ugo+rwx *


Sample of error: chmod: changing permissions of ` /some/path/filename': Operation not permitted


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