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[HTCondor-users] output files and umask

what controls the umask of the Output files from a submit script?

when users submit jobs to the pool like this

executable = myexec
log = mylog.txt
output = output.$(process).txt

the file permissions for the output file seem to be set to 0644,
however the users umask is set for 0027, so the files should be 0640

is there a knob to fix this?  Ideally i'd like the Output files to
match the umask of the user, but if it can't discern that, i'd like to
default to 0640 instead of 0644

we're already wrapping the jobs in a USER_JOB_WRAPPER script which
sets the umask to 0027 and double checks it's set before we exec the
process.  which fixes some other issues we had with jobs creating
files with the wrong perms, but that doesn't seem to be affecting
these Output files