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Re: [HTCondor-users] virtualenv, pip and htcondor (python)

Hi Brian,

On 3 February 2017 at 03:54, Brian Bockelman <bbockelm@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Feb 2, 2017, at 5:54 AM, L Kreczko <L.Kreczko@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Brian & all,
> Thanks for the help so far, I think I am almost there.
> I've written the setup.py route off as a failure, as I cannot build older HTCondor versions (even after applying the patches).
> Instead, I decided to try out `conda build` which turned out more successful so far.
> I can now install htcondor python bindings on Ubuntu and SL6 under python 2.7 following the instructions in [1] (please give it a try).
> However, a few things are missing/out of place:
>Â Â Â Ââ probably worth adding more tests if the bindings are working (currently just testing import of htcondor and classad)

For this -

cd src/python-bindings/
./test_driver tests/classad_tests.py
./test_driver tests/htcondor_version_tests.py
./test_driver tests/htcondor_tests.py

The last one is quite complex; probably best to do it in a Docker container.
Thanks, I will try them. Since I am building & testing in a Docker container, this should be fine then :).Â

>Â Â Â Ââ Although boost 1.63 is present & found by cmake, condor still downloads 1.49

Hm - are you doing "PROPER" build? That bypasses all the external builds.
What is a PROPER build? My build instructions are in
I have "-DUW_BUILD:BOOL=TRUE", I assume this is what you mean. So proper build is setting this to FALSE?

Otherwise, I think it'll always download condor's preferred version.

>Â Â Â Ââ lots of binaries are compiled as well (and installed) - ideally none of this is needed. In addition to preventing them from overwriting the system ones (conda env will be earlier in PATH), I would like to reduce the current size of 51 MB to around 20 MB if possible.
>Â Â Â Ââ condor is installing the python libraries into $PREFIX/lib/python instead of $PREFIX/lib/python2.7 (or $PREFIX/lib/python3.5)

Yeah - I think this might require quite a "rm" and "mv" invocations. This is done by the RPM's spec file.
OK, I will try to remove all 'extra' binaries and libraries.Â

> The build file can be found in [2], the full build log in [3] and the currently available builds in [4].
> This was an interesting side-project, now it is time to adjust the Luigi PR :).

Sigh. Now I need to go learn more about conda build!
Very simple ;). This repo currently contains only htcondor-python if you want to get an overview:

The build is done on SL6, but is transferrable to Ubuntu 16.04 (and probably other Linux variants)