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[HTCondor-users] Newbie Question

I have a bunch of bash shell scripts that convert one graphics format to another. Is there a way to run them in Condor 8.6? In a shell I'd do:

source /path/to/script/script.sh

I created a file with all the scripts in a list and my submit file look like this

transfer_input_files = $(filename)
Arguments = $(filename)
Queue filename from /path/to/file/fconvert.in

I'm not sure how to handle the sourcing, though. Source isn't a program, rather it's part of Bash, so I guessed the input file should look like

source /path/to/script/script1.sh
source /path/to/script/script2.sh
source /path/to/script/script3.sh

and the executable should be set to Â/bin/bash

The guess was incorrect!

All the machines have Bash anyway, so maybe this can be run without transferring anything?

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

Justin Fisher.