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Re: [HTCondor-users] Newbie Question


I would recommend writing a wrapper script and using that as your executable. It might look something like:

### my_wrapper.sh ###

filename=$1 # get the filename from the first argument passed

# source the bash scripts
source script1.sh
source script2.sh
source script3.sh

Then make sure all the rest of the files you need for the job (the scripts, the image, etc.) are listed in transfer_input_files. I'm guessing that will look something like:

transfer_input_files = script1.sh, script2.sh, script3.sh, $(filename)

Does this help you?

Jason Patton

On Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 8:55 AM, Justin Fisher <justin0419@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a bunch of bash shell scripts that convert one graphics format to another. Is there a way to run them in Condor 8.6? In a shell I'd do:

source /path/to/script/script.sh

I created a file with all the scripts in a list and my submit file look like this

transfer_input_files = $(filename)
Arguments = $(filename)
Queue filename from /path/to/file/fconvert.in

I'm not sure how to handle the sourcing, though. Source isn't a program, rather it's part of Bash, so I guessed the input file should look like

source /path/to/script/script1.sh
source /path/to/script/script2.sh
source /path/to/script/script3.sh

and the executable should be set to Â/bin/bash

The guess was incorrect!

All the machines have Bash anyway, so maybe this can be run without transferring anything?

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

Justin Fisher.

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