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Re: [HTCondor-users] Efficiency & centralization of global information gathering?

Thanks for the clarification on the Generic type, TJ!

The 8.4.9 manual shows:

condor_status -l -any -constraint 'MyType == "Defrag"'

(page 374) and...

MyType = "Generic"
FauxType = "DBMS"
Name = "random-test"
Machine = "f05.cs.wisc.edu"
MyAddress = "<>"
DaemonStartTime = 1153192799
UpdateSequenceNumber = 1

(page 501-502). For this "DBMS" example, it sounds from what you're saying that we should be able to say MyType = "DBMS" and do a condor_status -subsystem DBMS? Or for the FlexLM example, MyType = "FlexLM":

$ condor_advertise update_ad_generic testad
Sent 1 of 1 ad to eand-idsenglnx2.and.us.ray.com.
01/09/17 11:30:58 FlexLM: Inserting ** "< FlexLM License Status >"
01/09/17 11:30:58 stats: Inserting new hashent for 'FlexLM':'FlexLM License Status':''
$ condor_status -subsystem flexlm
01/09/17 11:31:46 Number of Active Workers 0
01/09/17 11:31:46 (Sending 1 ads in response to query)
01/09/17 11:31:46 Query info: matched=1; skipped=0; query_time=0.001404; send_time=0.000677; type=Generic; requirements={true}; peer=<>; projection={}
MyType             TargetType         Name

FlexLM             None               FlexLM License Status

Yep! Time to open a doc ticket? The Name attribute is used to generate a hash key, so that's a required attribute. The fact that we can have arbitrary types suggests that perhaps the Python bindings may need a tweak - SubsystemType is an enum.

	-Michael Pelletier.

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Generic ads are actually at specific type of ad.   What you want to use is
What you actually want is condor_status -subsytem 'mytype'

This will make a generic query to the collector for ads of type 'mytype'

On the other hand, if your ads actually ARE of type generic, then condor_status -generic is the correct query to use.

Hint: you can look at the collector log to see what it actually sees for any condor_status query, grep for 'Query info'