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[HTCondor-users] ååïååïååï condor problem

Thanks very much for your answer,I have another question.
How condor handle the pipeline command or multi command with && or || join together.
For example:

pipeline command:
ls -l / | tee -a file.list | more
how to write condor submit file when run this pipeline command ?

&& command:
cp ~/Desktop/1.txt ~/1.txt && rm ~/Desktop/1.txt && echo "success" 

|| command:
rm ~/Desktop/1.txt && echo "success" || echo "fail" 

how to write condor submit file when run such command ?

åääïTodd L Miller <tlmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx>
åéæéï2017å7æ26æ(ææä) 04:25
æääïåä <kan.wu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
æãéïcondor-users <condor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx>
äãéïRe: ååïååï[HTCondor-users] condor problem

> Hi,Do you know Docker.When I use docker in condor,How can I run docker 
> with -e or -v or -p params.If I want to mout my local dir to the docker 
> container in condor,How can I attach -v param to docker when 
> run?

  As far as I know, HTCondor doesn't support -e or -p.  (We may 
report the Docker version in the machine ad; I don't know.)  If you 
want to do volume mounting, see the following part of the manual


and maybe


(To prevent users from accessing other user's files, we require the condor 
administrator to configure Docker's volume mounting.)

- ToddM