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[HTCondor-users] Group and Sub-Group Quotas

Hello –


I was under the impression that sub group quotas make use of a fraction of a [super] group. Meaning, if I have the following pseudo configuration:


Dynamic quota group A:         0.5

            Quota group A.sys      0.5

            Quota group A.net      0.5

Dynamic quota group B:         0.5

            Quota group B.sys      0.5

            Quota group B.net      0.5


…then all jobs where acctgroup ~= A (including A, A.sys, and A.net) get 50% of the pool slots. Likewise, each job with the acctgroup set to a subgroup (A.sys, A.net, B.sys, and B.net) each get 25% of the pool slots. It looks like in our case, according to condor_userprio and analyzing running jobs with condor_q, that every super and sub group gets 50% of the pool’s slots. I believe we started seeing this behavior after we introduced pslots into the mix, but that may just be a coincidence.


Is this a known bug? Or am I doing something wrong? I can send a config snippet if needed.




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