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[HTCondor-users] HTCondor Week 2017: Registration Deadline, Hotel Room Block Deadlines, and Hands-On Tutorial

HTCondor Week 2017 is only five weeks away! The registration deadline
is Monday, April 17, so register soon at

If you are interested in attending a Pegasus hands-on tutorial, please
RSVP by emailing htcondor-week@xxxxxxxxxxx so that we can plan accordingly.
(Pegasus is a workflow management system that runs on top of HTCondor's
DAGMan workflow engine.  For information about Pegasus, see

Our hotel room block at the DoubleTree in Madison expires on Friday,
April 7. The DoubleTree will try to accommodate later registrations at
our discounted rate but may not be able to.  The Fluno Center hotel room
block expires on Saturday, April 1. Information about reserving a room at
the DoubleTree, Fluno Center, and other nearby hotels can be found at

Finally, we still have space available for talks. We're always looking to
hear from users, administrators, and developers working with HTCondor or
in related areas. HTCondor Week attendees would love to hear about how
you're using HTCondor, solutions you've built on top of HTCondor, and
related challenges like storage, file transfer, scheduling, and scaling.
Information on speaking can be found at

We look forward to seeing you at HTCondor Week 2017!

R. Kent Wenger (wenger@xxxxxxxxxxx, 608-262-6627,
Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin-Madison