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Re: [HTCondor-users] cannot read config file?

On 5/25/2017 1:26 PM, lejeczek wrote:
hello dear fellas

I've just started tampering with HA, added a second config file in config.d and when I do:

$ condor_submit -debug condor.sub
ERROR: Can't read config source /etc/condor/config.d/$config

All condor config files (e.g. all the files in /etc/condor/config.d) need to be permissions 0644 and owned by the same user id that starts the condor_master. If you are running the condor_master as root, which is typical, then all config files should be writable solely by root (but still world readable).

and this only started after I included configuration for HA, before that, 640 on file was enough, now it needs 644 ?
Can somebody tell why?

The config files must be readable by any HTCondor tool or daemon instance, thus the reason for having all the config files be world-readable. As it why it worked before --- who owns the the files in /etc/condor/config.d ? Perhaps they were 0640 but owned by user "lejeczek", and thus condor_submit would work for user "lejeczek and not for anyone else? Similarly, perhaps group ownership allowed the files to be read?

If you are starting the HTCondor service with root access, the config files should be owned by root, writable only by root, and readable by anyone, like so:

% ls -l condor_config
rw-r--r-- 1 root root  2121 Jan 31 17:21 condor_config