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[HTCondor-users] optional gpu matching

Hi condor users,

I was looking into this optional gpu usage post (https://www-auth.cs.wisc.edu/lists/htcondor-users/2016-June/msg00051.shtml)
which proposed, that for jobs which would use a gpu, but can do without I could add the below line to a submission file:

request_gpus = ifthenelse(gpus =?= UNDEFINED, 0, ifthenelse(gpus > 0, 1, 0))

while the jobs containing such a request get executed on gpu containing hosts, on hosts where gpus is not defined it does not run.
Could this be due to the possibility, that request_gpu is not defined on targets without gpus?

<cite manual>
request_<name> = ïquantityï        The required amount of the custom machine resource identified by <name> that this job needs. The custom machine resource is defined in the machine's configuration. Machines that have available GPUs will define <name> to be GPUs.
</cite manual>

Or is there another reason? (which could be solved)