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Re: [HTCondor-users] Condor execute directory on Windows keeps pilling up

On 9/29/2017 9:31 AM, Dan, Bowen wrote:
> Hi,
> We have been using condor to submit jobs to windows to do some data 
> processing.  However, the scratch directories on dir_XXXX under the 
> condor execute directory keeps piling up.   We thought that condor will 
> clean these up as these jobs finish successfully 
> (condor/logs/StarterLog.slot1 suggests that the jobs finished 
> succcessfully).  Note, the condor configs are default other than specify 
> the directory and num_slots open on the machine.
> Appreciate your help!


Thanks for reporting the above.  To help us fix it, please answer the following:
+ Which version of Windows (Win 7, 10, Server 2016, etc) are you using? 
+ And which version of HTCondor?  
+ Are the leaked directories cleaned up when the HTCondor service is restarted?
+ Do you get a leaked directory every time a job completes, or only occasionally?

I happen to have a personal htcondor v8.7.1 installation on my Windows 7 laptop, and I reproduced the problem above.  The tell-tale sign of the problem can be found in the StartLog file:

  10/03/17 10:11:45 Starter pid 7376 exited with status 0
  10/03/17 10:11:45 rmdirAttempt using command: C:\condor\bin\condor_rmdir.exe /s  /c "C:\condor\execute\dir_7376"
  10/03/17 10:11:45 rmdirAttempt using command: C:\condor\bin\condor_rmdir.exe /s  /c "C:\condor\execute\dir_7376"
  10/03/17 10:11:45 ERROR: C:\condor\execute\dir_7376 still exists after trying to add Full control to ACLs for PRIV_UNKNOWN

and I used this simple submit file to trigger the problem:

 executable = c:\utils\sleep.exe
 should_transfer_files = YES
 transfer_input_files = c:\home\tannenba\test_file.txt
 arguments = 10

Unfortunately, I could only reproduce it once. :(  I tried several more times, and the dir_xxx directory
went away as expected.  Apparently some sort of race condition.


> Best,
> Bowen Dan
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