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[HTCondor-users] Htcondor configuration problems

Hi All,

I am trying to configure htcondor. I am new to this and so i started with 2 machines (1- Cluster Manager and 2- Slave machine). I am not successful in configuring the machines correctly. The following are some of the questions i have.

1. Is there a way to communicate between the machines without password authentication??

2. The Master nodes appear in the slave machines but the slave machine nodes doesn't appear in the nodes of the Master. (When the command "condor_status" is run)

3. I am trying to use the password authentication between Master and Slaves. When i try to run the following command from Master machine, it saysÂ

condor_store_cred -c -n hostname.domain add

"Makes sure you have CONFIG access to the target master"

Please let me know if anyone knows the problem. I am stuck at this problem from some days now and i would be great if you help.

Rajat Saini