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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_status update time

On 10/10/2017 10:41 AM, Mary Romelfanger wrote:

âwhich typically shuts things down within a few seconds, killing the job
     with SIGKILL if needed.  This should be what happens when you do a
     'systemctl stop condor'.â

This is what I have been doingâ  and the processes do go away within seconds.  The shutdown is successful.

  What I am seeing though is that now if I do a condor_status  (or condor_status âany or condor_status âmaster) after I do that stop condor..   the cores/machine still show in that list for many minutes after it is stopped (10 or 15 minutes).


Hi Mary,

I reproduced your the problem you describe. The issue is with the HTCondor RPM configuration of systemd, so I fear the above will occur with any version of HTCondor running on a Linux using systemd.

There is a ticket about this at


As you can see in the ticket, I just committed a patch to fix the problem, so all future releases of HTCondor should not suffer the same problem. In the "Remarks" section of the ticket I described a workaround you can use until HTCondor v8.6.7 is released at the end of October.

Hope the above helps and thank you for reporting the issue,