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[HTCondor-users] Quill with HTCondor v8.7.x (was Re: (no subject))

On 10/16/2017 8:23 AM, Topaloglu, Alper wrote:
Dear all,

I'm currently facing some difficulties with my condor(8.7.4) or rather Quill. I tried compiling condor(no problem with just condor) from source code to enable Quill and installed PostgreSQL 9.2.23. I used configure_uw -i to change WANT_CONTRIB to ON, but in the end Quill was not installed. So I checked some source code to see if something was missing and I could not find the libpq.a file, altough I have installed PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL-devel, it was not installed. My Question is: Could the missing file be a reason why Quill didnt install and if yes, do I need to build libpq.a from source as well?

Hope the question is understandable.



Hi Alper,

The Quill extension to HTCondor is no longer supported or tested as of HTCondor v8.4 and beyond, thus I am not surprised you are having difficulty. I updated the Quill wiki page to try and drive this point home, apologies if this was not clearly stated.

Out of curiosity, what is your interest in using Quill, i.e. what problem are you hoping that Quill will solve? Most folks who used it back in the day were interested in reducing load on the condor_schedd (submit machines); these days, however, a single condor_schedd is able to scale to tens of thousands of active jobs and thus the primary motivation for setting up Quill/PostgreSQL has been removed.

Another Quill motivation from yesteryear was web portals wanted to interface with HTCondor via a SQL-style interface. If that is your use case, I'd suggest either using the HTCondor Python API, or perhaps HTCondor DBQ. HTCondor DBQ is a Perl module that provides a relational database interface to submit HTCondor jobs, and monitor their progress as they are executed. The user submits work to the system by inserting a row into a database table. The user can query the HTCondor DBQ tables to monitor the progress of their work. See

Hope the above helps