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Re: [HTCondor-users] Forwarding Kerberos-Credentials


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> You should definitely keep encouraging them to use file transfers and scratch,
> though - perhaps entice them with the fact that by using local-disk scratch
> instead of NFS, I gave one of the programs a 5-7% increase in job speed because
> it kept all its interim file IO work off of the network and on to the server's
> fancy RAID controller that was previously sitting around doing next to nothing.
> And I also found that the exercise of figuring out exactly which data they need
> in order to do a certain computation is a useful one, and leads to better
> understanding of the task, easier recognition of optimization avenues, and
> (hopefully) better documentation of the compute task to prevent some mysterious
> dependency from being accidentally broken in the future.

I'd love to aim at higher goals. Unfortunately, my users are usually not
willing to "understand the task". Plus: I do have to cope with 3rd party
software hardcoding pathnames into datafiles.

I'll stick to making batch processes' and interactive ones' environments as
identical as possible for now.