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[HTCondor-users] Unable to configure node remotely using condor_config_val

Dear Condor users,

I'm trying to set up my execute node in such a way that it can be configured remotely using `condor_config_val -name MACHINE`.

This is the relevant part of my local configuration on my execute node:

        PERSISTENT_CONFIG_DIR = /etc/condor/config.host.d

Additionally, I've disabled START on my execute node for debugging:

        START = FALSE

This is what happens when I try to re-enable START remotely:

    Check START on execute host:

        [root@condorhost]# condor_config_val -name executenode START

    Enable START on execute host:

        [root@condorhost]# condor_config_val -name executenode -set "START = TRUE"
        Successfully set configuration "START = TRUE" on master executenode.
        The change will take effect on the next condor_reconfig.

    Reconfig on execute host:

        [root@condorhost]# condor_reconfig -name executenode
        Sent "Reconfig" command to master executenode

    Check START on execute host again:

        [root@condorhost]# condor_config_val -name executenode START

At this point everything seems fine. But if I try to submit a job, it will still not run and instead go idle.

        [root@condorhost]# condor_q -analyze
        WARNING:  Be advised:
            Job did not match any machines's constraints

    The above `condor_q` output indicates that START is still disabled.

The configuration on my execute node seems to be inconsistent:

    On the one hand, the remote/persistent configuration file is available and configured correctly:

        [root@executenode]#  cat $(condor_config_val PERSISTENT_CONFIG_DIR)/.config.MASTER.start
        START = TRUE

    But on the other hand, the START value is still set to FALSE:
        [root@executenode]# condor_config_val START

Best regards,

Lukas Koschmieder
Steel Institute IEHK
RWTH Aachen University
Intzestraße 1
52072 Aachen

Tel: +49 (0)241 80 95823
Fax: +49 (0)241 80 92253