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[HTCondor-users] Condor running linux docker container in Windows host OS

Dear all,

we have a small condor cluster using multiple user workstations.
So far, we only used Linux workstations.
We have made quite good experiences with docker images and condor.
Now we would like to add Windows hosts to condor, which should run linux docker container. In principle our containers can run under Windows, tested using the docker quickstart terminal.

To summarize:
Condor submit node, scheduler etc on Linux machines
All nodes running jobs using docker container (linux based)
We want to add Windows nodes to condor, running linux docker container.

Do you think such a set-up is possible?
So far I have found no condor related documentation about docker and Windows.
How could we realize such a project?

All the best,

DI Hermann Fuchs, PhD
Christian Doppler Laboratory for Medical Radiation Research for Radiation Oncology
Department of Radiation Oncology
Medical University Vienna
WÃhringer GÃrtel 18-20
A-1090 Wien

Tel.  + 43 / 1 / 40 400 72710
Mail. hermann.fuchs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx