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Re: [HTCondor-users] $(PROCESS) - enumerate it?

you can do this, but due to some limitations in the parser for the $() expansion stuff, you have to use a temporary variable.

Add this to your submit file

  OutputId = $(Process)+1
  output = $INT(OutputId)

Note that Process is an alias for ProcId.  They both evaluate to the same thing, but ProcId is the actual attribute name that you see when you use condor_q -long. so the preferred form is this

  OutputId = $(ProcId)+1
  output = $INT(OutputId)

the $INT() macro expansion has an optional second argument that you can use to control the formatting, the main use for this is to get leading zeros.  for instance this:

  tmp = $(ProcId)+1
  output = $INT(tmp,%04d)

will produce the sequence 0001, 0002, 0003, etc

But leading an trailing characters in the formatting are honored, so this

  tmp = $(ProcId)+1
  output = $INT(tmp,file_%04d)

will produce the sequence file_0001, file_0002, file_0003, etc


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hi all

I'm reading docs on macros and I wonder(for I've not across 
yes) how to make something like: output = $(PROCESS)+1.

Simple thought here I had was how to start enumerate from 1 
since very rarely in my setups anything would start with 0.

many thanks,
p.s. beginner here, so go easy on me.

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