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Re: [HTCondor-users] Password Authentication with Python Bindings

Hi Heath,

The SecMan object is designed for advanced usage - it's not meant for normal things like connecting to a remote scheduler for user job submission.  It may not be what you want.

For authenticating with a remote scheduler, most people use Kerberos, X509, or GSI.  There's an exciting new option - munge - coming up in a future release (alas, not available yet!).  See the parallel email from Max Fischer.

Example use cases of the SecMan object:
- You're writing a web application for submitting to HTCondor.  Each request in the web app needs to authenticate with the same schedd to submit -- but as different users in each thread.  SecMan helps maintain a set of security sessions.
- You're writing an administrative application that needs to manage multiple pools secured with (different) pool passwords.  The application process needs to authenticate with each, but the HTCondor client libraries can only do one pool password at a time.



> On Sep 19, 2017, at 9:03 PM, hskarlupka <heath.skarlupka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to connect to a remote scheduler with the HTCondor python bindings.  The remote scheduler is using password authentication.  I see that there is a SecMan object that can be created and a function that sets the pool password.  Its unclear to me then how the SecMan object is used by the Schedd object as there is no way to pass it into the initialization of the Schedd object.  Is there a way to  access a remote scheduler via the python bindings using a pool password?  Thank you for the help!
> Heath
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