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Re: [HTCondor-users] need help in settings for condo job submission using python bindings

First of all, the job submitted using schedd.submit(job_ad) doesn’t run because the job ad  is incomplete.  When you use that method, you must fully specify the job classad,.   To see what a fully specified job classad looks like, run condor_submit -dump <submit_file>


For the job submitted using sub.queue() – are you sure that the job ran and produced output?  when the job is submitted, our output and error files will be created as 0 size files before the job ever runs.




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Subject: [HTCondor-users] need help in settings for condo job submission using python bindings


I’m trying to submit jobs to condor to run some python scripts. If I generate a job file and submit with condor_submit, everything works fine.

Here is the job file:


universe = vanilla

environment = "PYTHONHOME=/my/path/to/anaconda3"

executable = /my/path/to/anaconda3/bin/python

arguments = /my/path/to/scripts/myrun.py

log = /tmp/job.log

output = /tmp/test.log

error = /tmp/test.err




For the same job, I tried to submit through python bindings, using two different methods but do not have luck with either.


Firstly I tried schedd.Submit with the following codes:


import htcondor

schedd = htcondor.Schedd()

sub = htcondor.Submit()

sub['universe'] = 'vanilla'

sub['environment'] = "PYTHONHOME=/my/path/to/anaconda3"

sub['executable'] = '/my/path/to/anaconda3/bin/python'

sub['arguments'] = '/my/path/to/scripts/myrun.py'

sub['log'] = '/tmp/job.log'

sub['output'] = '/tmp/test.log'

sub['error'] = '/tmp/test.err'


with schedd.transaction() as txn:



The job was submitted without any issues, can run successfully without issues, and have log file /tmp/job.log generated successfully. However, output and error does not work, and /tmp/test.log or /tmp/test.err are generated but with size 0 (empty).



Secondly, I tried schedd.submit with the following codes:

import htcondor

schedd = htcondor.Schedd()

job_ad = {

    "cmd" : ‘/my/path/to/anaconda3/bin/python',

    "arguments" : '/my/path/to/scripts/myrun.py',

    'env': "PYTHONHOME=/my/path/to/anaconda3",

    "log": '/tmp/job.log',

    "out": '/tmp/test.log',

    "err": "/tmp/test.err",


clusterId = schedd.submit(job_ad)


The job could not run. However, /tmp/test.err can be generated proper error messages:

condor_exec.exe: error while loading shared libraries: libpython3.6m.so.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I suspect that the error is because the environment is not properly set, but I had no luck when I also tried to set “environment” instead of “env”.


How should I fix the settings so that I can submit condor task through python bindings properly? Thanks.




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