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[HTCondor-users] classpath in java-universe on Linux

The classpath by execute nodes on Linux behave differently than Windows.
In our cluster with windows machines we used absolue or relative path to jar-files and this works fine.
But this doesn't work with Linux execute machines.
The path to the jar is replaced on Windows with the execute directory. On Linux the original path is used.
Is the a way to use relative path?
I wrote a job that displays the classpath. The line in the submit file is:
jar_files = start.jar, abc/run.jar
The two files are transfered to the execute node.
Displayed classpath on Windows-machine (this works fine):
Displayed classpath on Linux-machine (run.jar ist not found because it is transfered to the execute directory):
How can I use path to jar files? Any Ideas?
Thank you very much