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Re: [HTCondor-users] api question

Thanks for the reply... I've built a condor submit / processing node into a docker container and I'm adding in a very simple API that uses http and json.  I'll post it when done in case it's useful to someone else.  

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The SOAP API has been deprecated and will be removed, but we have a python API that we call the “python bindings” works quite well.


The python bindings for job submission has two basic interfaces.There is an interface that works in HTCondor 8.6 and later that

uses a python dictionary as the equivalent of a HTCondor submit file.  And there older, low level interface that treats a dictionary as a Job ClassAd. 


I can’t recommend the older, low level api.  It’s quite hard to use correctly in much the same was that the SOAP api  was hard to use correctly.  But the new python interface very easy to use if you know how to write submit files. 


This document is a good starting point for using the python bindings.



The manual is here.






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Hi all,


I know there is an existing API that uses SOAP for submitting jobs.  Is this an API that will be deprecated in upcoming versions? 


Is there a simple library for job submissions via something like php with  json before I write something that parses system calls to condor_submit... etc







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