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[HTCondor-users] A GPU server configuration using HTCondor

Hi everyone,

I am trying to configure HTCondor to be able to submit jobs to a GPU server. The jobs will only need to run on GPUs, but the way I have defined each slots, all CPU threads are also available and Condor distribute the process on all CPUs as well as GPUs.Â

I have 6 GPUs and defined 6 different slots as:

slot_type_1_partitionable = false
slot_type_1 = cpus=0, mem=20000, gpus=1
num_slots_type_1 = 1

It looks like Condor overrides the "cpus=0" part and make all 32 CPU threads available to the jobs I submit.

I would appreciate if anyone could help me make Condor ignore CPUs all together.

Best Regards,