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Re: [HTCondor-users] systemd interfering with Condor job cgroups

Hi Gred,

many thanks - turning on cgroup delegation seem to do the trick!! :)

With the delegate option on for all controllers in the Condor unit's
service section [1], the job slices survived all new/restarts of other

I will prepare and test some more nodes over the weekend, but I have my
fingers crossed, that my issue is fixed ;)

Cheers and thanks,


There are a few guides out there also mentioning, that the
resource-control options have to go into an own [Slice] section.
But at least for CentOS7.5/3.10.0 and libcgroup-0.41-15 an separate
[Slice] section is ignored and the resource control settings only get
picked up when in the [Service] section. Unfortunately, systemd seems to
be not very verbose when ignoring options, so better re-check the unit's
values to be sure when on other versions...

> systemctl show --all condor.service | grep Delegate


On 2018-06-28 19:14, Greg Thain wrote:
> On 06/25/2018 06:59 AM, Thomas Hartmann wrote:
>> So far, I have not found a way how to debug/understand, what systemd or
>> condor are doing in detail during the service start - especially since I
>> do not see, how the condor unit and its cgroups are related to another
>> service unit.
> I must admit, I am not a systemd expert, but does adding "Delegate =
> true" to the condor unit help with the problem?
> -greg
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