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Re: [HTCondor-users] Edgar, your HTCondor shared port question

On 2/23/2018 3:07 PM, Edgar M Fajardo Hernandez wrote:
Hi Todd,

Thank you for following up with this.

I tried doing it as root:

[1258] root@uaf-10 /etc/condor/config.d# condor_tail -debug 7900841.0

And still have same error.

Hi Edgar,

Strange....  looks like we have a bug hunt here.

On your submit machine, are the HTCondor daemons running as root? Did you install them from the RPM or the tarball? What is the value of knob DAEMON_SOCKET_DIR ?

Could you try making the directory yourself and let us know if that helps, ie doing

   sudo mkdir /var/log/condor/daemon_sock
   sudo chown condor.condor /var/log/condor/daemon_sock
   sudo chmod 1777 /var/log/condor/daemon_sock

ps I am also wondering how/why LOCK on your machine ended up in in the non-default /var/log/condor instead of /var/lock/condor....