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Re: [HTCondor-users] Using SLOT_TYPE_2_NAME_PREFIX breaks STARTD_ATTRS?

I think so.  once you give the slot type a prefix, then it's not named slot2 anymore, and so it doesn't
use SLOT2_STARTD_ATTRS.  I think you want to use 


Or You could have all slots advertise something_funny, but have the value be different for type 2 slots.

STARTD_ATTRS = something_funny
something_funny = "MyString"
SLOT_TYPE_2_something_funny = "Type2String"


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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Using SLOT_TYPE_2_NAME_PREFIX breaks STARTD_ATTRS?

Hi together,

I tested the following configuration for a starter:
NUM_SLOTS                       = 2

SLOT_TYPE_1                     = auto
NUM_SLOTS_TYPE_1                = 1

SLOT_TYPE_2                     = 30%
NUM_SLOTS_TYPE_2                = 1
something_funny                 = "MyString"
SLOT2_STARTD_ATTRS              = something_funny
#SLOT_TYPE_2_NAME_PREFIX        = NicePrefix_
This works fine, i.e. the STARTD_ATTR "something_funny" with value "MyString" 
can be seen with "condor_status -long <nameofhost>" as expected. 

However, once I uncomment the "SLOT_TYPE_2_NAME_PREFIX" line and restart condor on the execute node,
the slot get's a nice name - but I can not see "something_funny" being announced by the startd anymore. 

Is this expected? 

This is HTCondor 8.6.9. 

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