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Re: [HTCondor-users] run a script when all jobs complete

A handy trick is to submit this as the last job in the submit description using the scheduler universe, so that the condor_wait script will not take up a slot that would otherwise be useful to one of the jobs being waited on:

... big job submit declarations ...
Queue 1000

Universe = scheduler
Executable = condor_wait_script.sh
Arguments = $(Log)
Requirements = True
Request_Memory = 1
Request_Disk = 1
Request_Cpus = 1

Queue 1

The Requirements and Request clauses clear out anything that might have been set for the real jobs.

	-Michael Pelletier.

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I should point out that this is the purpose of the condor_wait tool.

condor_wait <log_file> will not exit until it sees a completion event for every submit event in that file, so this tool does essentially the same thing as the python script if all of the jobs share a log file.