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Re: [HTCondor-users] Interpreting XferStatsLog and understanding message flow

On 3/15/2018 2:09 PM, George Papadimitriou wrote:

Are there any race conditions while condor is trying to write to XferStatsLog ?

This could explain the weird log entries I observed.



Hi George,

There certainly is something strange going on. Certainly the job id should not be different in the same record!

Thanks for reporting it, we are looking into it. Sure looks like you found a bug. The good news is I checked a couple of production submit hosts here at Univ of Wisconsin, and also observed similar weird entries... so at least reproducing the problem does not involve something specific in your environment, which should make it easier to fix.

I made a developer ticket about it here:

Meanwhile, what does condor_version say? Also does appending the following into your condor_config[.local] file on your submit machine make any difference:

  SHADOW_STATS_LOCK =  $(LOCK)/XferStatsLock

? (don't forget to do a condor_reconfig afterwards...)

If they don't make a difference, please recall to remove them (esp the LOCK_DEBUG_LOG_TO_APPEND line... it should not need to be True, and locking the log file before every write is a scalability liability).