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Re: [HTCondor-users] Dynamic slots not resizing

With partitionable slots, I have found that setting the default job lease duration to about 20 minutes works well for most of our programs' mix of jobs. This, in your case, will cause the 16-CPU dynamic slot to be returned to the partitionable slot 20 minutes after the job started there.

	-Michael Pelletier

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This is by design, but if want exact matching of CPUS, you can do that with a START expression.
something like this

START = PartitionableSlot is defined || TARGET.RequestCpus == Cpus


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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Dynamic slots not resizing


I have an execution server with 16 cores using a single partitionable slot:
SLOT_TYPE_1 = 100%

When I submit several jobs like this:
* Job0: request_cpus=16
* job1: request_cpus=1
* Job2: request_cpus=1
* ...
* JobN: request_cpus=1

I find that Job0 starts running in a newly created dynamic slot with all 16 cpus as expected, but when it finishes, the other 1 cpu jobs start running sequentially one at a time in the very same slot with 16 cpus (environment variable OMP_NUM_THREADS=16 for those jobs too).
I expected the 16 cpu dynamic slot to be destroyed at the end of Job0 and several new ones to be created with 1 cpu each. This is what happens when I do not send Job0 first.

Can this be fixed?

Thank you
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