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[HTCondor-users] Ubuntu / Debian Packages

Dear HTCondor maintainers,

we'd love to use Ubuntu desktop nodes to submit jobs to our CentOS 7 cluster, 
and potentially include the desktop nodes on the cluster to make use of the unused resources overnight. 

For CentOS 7, we are using the packages maintained at:

To not mix these with packages from a completely different source, it would be perfect if there was also an official distribution for Ubuntu. 
I found:
which, however, (according to the web page) are only meant for old releases of Debian / Ubuntu, some of which are already EOL since years. 

Still, it appears they are maintained, as can be seen e.g. here: 

Can these packages also be used on more recent distros? 
Is there another maintained source of packages (to ensure no version-mixing happens)? 
For us, the upcoming Ubuntu 18.04 LTS would be the most interesting. 

From personal experience, I can recommend https://build.opensuse.org/ which works really well to build packages
for Debian- and RHEL-based OS automatically after the scaffolding is in place. 


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