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Re: [HTCondor-users] evaluated ads with condor_q -long?

Sorry, no.  there is no way to do this with condor_q. 

This simple python script will do it though.

----------------------- snip ------------------------
# Evaluate and print all job ads
import classad
import htcondor

schedd = htcondor.Schedd()
for ad in schedd.query() :
   for attr in ad :
      print attr + " = " + ad.eval(attr).__repr__()
   print ""

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Subject: [HTCondor-users] evaluated ads with condor_q -long?

Hi all,

just a short question: can I ask Condor for all a job's ClassAds -where
all ads get actually evaluated?

E.g., an extra ad is a somewhat lengthy expression
  FooProxy = ifThenElse(x509UserProxyVOName =?= ... )
  condor_q -long JOBID
the full expression gets printed, but I am more interested in the
evaluated result - which one could get individually with
  condor_q JOBID -format "%s" FooProxy