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[HTCondor-users] check for cpu instruction?

I came across an unusual job failure today.  I have both AMD and Intel
CPU's in my pool, some older, some newer.  A user compiled a program
on their desktop with a pretty new intel chip, using the intel
compiler.  as expected the compiler looked at the local chip and added
in some extra optimizations.  in this case specifically it used SSSE3.
when the use went to submit the program to condor is ran a large
number of nodes, but failed on others, specifically the amd chips that
don't support ssse3.

is there a way for condor to check whether a cpu has all the
instructions an executable might need before it runs?

clearly i could put in a classed for ssse3 true/false, but chances are
the users are not going to know what cpu instructions might be
required for their program and accordingly will not set a flag in the
submit file.  and i certainly don't want to do this for all the
possible flags.  but that all seems pretty messy, hopefully someone
else has already solved this issue